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4 Guns Every Prepper Needs, And One Every Prepper Wants

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4 comments on “4 Guns Every Prepper Needs, And One Every Prepper Wants

  1. Victor

    While I appreciate the information, I need to correct a fews things: Its not a clip its a magazine. Spraying a target should never be a goal of using a firearm. A glock 21 chambered in .45 acp does not have a lot of recoil, fire one then fire a glock 20 chambered in .40 sw and tell me which one kicks more. Rapid fire is possible, its a very manageable platform. Shotgun, its a chambering a round not clip. If you have one for self/home defense, it should be loaded and ready to go. Shotgun ammo ranges greatly from birdshot to slugs. Birdshot won’t penetrate much sheet wall,, while a slug will probably run through 5-8 sheets of drywall. And that is not an AK47 and its a 100 MAGAZINE. A keltec su16 is just as accurate if not more than an ak47. 5.56 is a flatter/more accurate round thant 7.62×39

    • The 4 gun must have guns… is written by a novice in the gun world..

      I like the Ak-47 or Ak 74 both good rifles in what we would like to use them for.

      Not sure why you would “spray anything ” suppressive fire is really something that’s only going to be needed if you have a teamwork going.

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