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Interview with a Prepper: Preparing with Dave


Today we are interviewing Dave from Preparing with Dave

How long have you been prepping?

28 years

Was there a specific event or reason that lead you to realize that you should begin prepping?

I have always watched documentaries on events that have occurred around the world. I grew up always adventurous, wanted to travel the world or be a scientist, so details were always in my thoughts. What to bring, what to create, etc. As I got older, and after serving in the Marine Corps, I started hiking and getting out in nature more. I spent enough time in nature, that I started feeling naked without my gear with me. I started commuting and carrying more than I needed with me. It served me well when I was stranded in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta earthquake event of 1989. Since that event, my preparing took on more of a life preparing lifestyle.

Are you located in an Urban or country setting? Are you planning on bugging out or bugging in?

We are in an urban setting that boarders a delta country area. I have plans for sheltering in place or bugging out, depending on the variables. If I am sheltering in place and that becomes too dangerous, then we switch over to bugout plan.

How did prepping change your lifestyle?

I exercise more, eat healthier, I am more spiritual and in tune with everything going on, and I have learned many more skills of defense and survival off the land. My entire lifestyle is built around having the least adjustment necessary if the crap hits the fan and resources and services go away. We even make our own toothpaste. I have a vegetable garden that is 100% organic methods. My life now is sharing what I have to offer from what I have learned with others that wish to learn.

Do you have a bunker or underground shelter?

NO, I do not have a large coffin.

In a SHTF situation do you plan on working with a group or independently?

That is a fluid situation. Even having plans with a group can change in a disaster situation. Your first plan is an individual plan that can be joined with others. Pick up quality stragglers, or be the leader of the neighborhood and bring the entire community together. No plan that is made for the future is a sure plan. You need to have a plan of adapting to many scenarios. One plan is hack. Also, all scenarios have common prepping needs associated with them.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you made that beginner preppers should avoid?

Don’t buy what you don’t eat. Don’t tell others that you prep, unless you plan on teaming up with them, and they also prep.

Are you married? If so please have your spouse answer this next question
What was your reaction when your spouse stated that they wanted to start prepping? Do you support his/her decision? How do you participate?

It’s why I love and respect him so much. I support preparing, because it is the normal way to be. In all areas.

Do you have children? How do they feel about your preps? Do they participate? If so how? If they were hesitant at first how did you get them to come on-board?

Yes. Some are starting to realize the need. No. I made one of my sons a bugout bag, and one for his fiance.

Do you tell your friends and family that you are a ‘prepper’? How do they usually react?

Yes, I tell them, and some don’t talk with me much anymore. It scares them to think about anything bad happening. A couple are preparing in the minimal amount.

What if nothing happens? Would you consider all your prepping a waste of time and money?

Are you joking? Something happens somewhere in the world everyday. Preparing isn’t just for SHTF situations. It’s for any event in your life. Preparing is for something as small as having enough milk in the fridge, to having enough food and water for a year. It’s like looking both ways before you cross the street. You must prepare mentally, physically, spiritually, and in your skills, for all areas of life big or small. It’s true maturity. This is a funny question.

What advice would you give a newbie prepper?

Get busy and stay busy. If you have extra room, fill it so everything perishable can be rotated. Go dry. Dried foods are lighter, so if you have to bugout, it’s easier to carry and you just add water. Less smell, less attention. If you have dirt, grow food every good weather day that you can and dry allot of it. A food saver is a great investment. Buy a portable solar generator. Learn to fight. Learn about how many mechanical things works. Learn to shoot. Go to my Facebook page and read every post from the day I started the page. Build your fun around preparing. Don’t have fun around preparing and never make it a part of your lifestyle.

What is one item that you believe most other preppers overlook?

Fighting skills.

Is there anything else you want to share with everyone?

Don’t just buy food, water, and supplies. Learn first-aid. Learn to fight. Learn some basic mechanical skills. Grow food if you can. Eat all organic. Exercise as often as you can. Meditate in your beliefs. Prepare yourself to die, as much as to live. Accept that we live in a dangerous world, and that disasters happen, natural and unnatural. Take life a little more seriously or you will not be prepared for it when it gets real. This life that we live, with all the conveniences we enjoy, is a fantasy. A very nice one, too. I like it, and enjoy it. Running water and toilet paper is great. Hot showers are awesome, but this can change fast. If you are preapred in some way for this happening, your pain will be lessened, and you may not die. You must prepare your mind, body, and spirit with the necessary strength and skills.

I want to thank Dave for coming over and doing this interview, he made some excellent points above and again I don’t know about you guys but he really got me thinking! I think the best piece of this interview is where he says “Preparing isn’t just for SHTF situations. It’s for any event in your life.” This is so true! Go to his Facebook page Preparing with Dave and like it and send him a message thanking him for sharing his story with us!

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