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Interview with a Prepper: Prepping for Anything

Today we are interviewing the admin at Prepping for Anything.

How long have you been prepping?

About 3 plus years

Was there a specific event or reason that lead you to realize that you should begin prepping?

I realized I should be more prepared when Me and my Family been stuck at home for a few days due to Extream heat at one time other times were from flooding from monsoons.

Are you located in an Urban or country setting? Are you planning on bugging out or bugging in?

Urban location and we plan bugging in if Extreme heat and other bug in disasters. And we have a bugging out if Dams broke or it became mandated.

How did prepping change your lifestyle?

Didn’t change a things we just added a prepping pile of things and buy prepping things. we just buy things like we do for our regular stockpile Items and daily uses things.

Do you have a bunker or underground shelter?

No we don’t have a bunker or underground bunker.

In a SHTF situation do you plan on working with a group or independently?

Just the family group and possible a vary few family friends

What are some of the biggest mistakes you made that beginner preppers should avoid?

Talking to folks about my prepping cause I found out they would end up coming to me for things and not wanting to return favor or help the group out.

Do you have children? How do they feel about your preps? Do they participate? If so how? If they were hesitant at first how did you get them to come on-board?

The grown Kids have started on a few things and are on board to the prepping. But they hesitate a little bit when it comes to getting a group effort.

Do you tell your friends and family that you are a ‘prepper’? How do they usually react?

I only told a small group of family and they are starting to come around and talk a little about prepping with me.

What if nothing happens? Would you consider all your prepping a waste of time and money?

If nothing happens I would still use the things I get nothing goes to waste. I rotate any and all items that need rotating so nothing will go bad.

What advice would you give a newbie prepper?

Always look for Info and be prepared for anything you never know what might happen.

What is one item that you believe most other preppers overlook?

That’s a good question each prepper over looks something and it different from one prepper to another prepper.

Is there anything else you want to share with everyone?

Always prepare for anything you never know what might happen.

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