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Outdoor MakeKit v2.0


I would like to share with you a kit that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time now. I named it version two because the first version was something I put together almost 15 years ago during basic training in the army. At the time we learned how to make a kit that we could use in the field to assist us with preparing shelter, maintain and repair equipment and parts of our kit as well as making live a little more convenient. These kits were called Pi-Pack (pi would be the abbreviated form of the word pioneer which in the military is a soldier that is specialized on construction & engineering tasks). In opposite to almost all other things the make up of those kits was not regimented but instead followed a loose list of items and recommendations based on the experiences of senior soldiers. The kit was usually part of the first or second line of equipment and in opposite to the survival kit (Which should only be used in an actual emergency) parts of the kit would be used regularly and later replenished.

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