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How to protect your home from rioting mobs using fire as a weapon


As the presidential political landscape takes shape, even a passive observer can tell it is looking like a violent year. I have been taking careful notes on these developments and it should have you worried if you live in an urban area. In particular, it has caused me to review preparations to counter fire dangers. I have seen firsthand how fire can be used as a weapon either intentionally or inadvertently and it has awesome destructive force. More specifically, in an urban setting, out of control fires can quickly spread and consume entire blocks in firestorms. Now, think about your home. How well is it protected and how prepared are you if fire is used directly or indirectly against your home? More specifically, if the fire department can’t or won’t respond to your home because of riots and anarchy, will you be able to prevent fire from destroying it?
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Civil Unrest · Economic Collapse · SHTF

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