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2 Types Of Military Sleeping Bags To Use On Your Bug Out


I love military gear. Some people hate it for various reasons, but to me this gear has proven itself on the battlefield. It’s constantly evolving and being updated as technology changes, but it’s always being put to the test. Another good reason is that you can usually get it relatively cheap after it’s been used at Army/Nave stores or other discount stores.
Today we’re going to talk about sleeping bags. There are thousands of sleeping bags on the market and it can be a tough decision to try and figure out which one you should use if you have to bug-out. Sleeping bags tend to be expensive as well and who wants to spend $300 on a new sleeping bag that’s going to live in a bug-out bag and see the light of day once a year when you go in to check the gear? Leaving a newer sleeping bag compressed will eventually cause it to lose it’s loft ending the usefulness of the bag.
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