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Faraday Shields


Everybody throws around the term Faraday shields or Faraday cages, but let’s be specific about what it is and how it is a must item for preppers.

Named after an expert in electricity, Mr. Faraday, the Faraday shield is a highly important item that is easy to build and vital for the protection of your delicate electronic equipment like radios.

Modern electronics, like a walkie talkie or the ignition system in your new car,* operate at very low voltages inside the box of circuits. The electronic parts inside, like chips or integrated circuits, can not survive large electrical pulses—conditions as simple as high static electricity and as complex as strong electric fields and especially EMP pulses like that from an atomic explosion or CME radiation from a storm on the Sun. Delicate electronics, and that means everything today, must be protected from strong electric fields. One exposure to a big discharge or pulse, and POOF your extensive collection of radios are turned into junk.
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