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How to deal with roving Gangs!


How to deal with roving gangs and large groups of hungry people. This is a question that we all need to be concerned with. When TEOTWAWKI happens, there will be a lot of people who will simply not be prepared. They will be everyday people, who will become violent, when they realize that they have no way to feed themselves or their families. They will be scared and hungry and like any scared animal, they will be dangerous. There are also Gangs in the cities that are used to surviving off of others and when the food runs out in the city, they will head into the outlying areas in search of other victims. In today’s post, we will try to look at what we can reasonably expect to encounter and ways of minimizing those chances, as well as dealing with them once we do.
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  • So, part of my prep plan is to have livestock. Basics like chickens and goats.

    I have a few chickens now to practice with since I am a lifelong city boy and the one thing I have noticed is that they tend to make a lot of noise when they get excited by something. I can not imagine how loud 10 or 15 of them could be if they were disturbed by a group sniffing around.

    Do you have any suggestions on well, how to keep my chickens quiet and what would be a good plan to build a “stealth” coop? Camouflaging the front of the house is a great idea, but I think the ruse would be discovered if they heard a bunch of chickens out back and saw a purpose built coop for them and pens for the goats.

    cptsmashy July 30, 2016 9:20 am

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