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If You Have to Bug Out, Don’t Become a refugee


Since we have been talking about bugging out for the last couple of days, I want to continue this discuss a bit longer. You will become a refugee if you don’t bug out correctly. The biggest bug out in US history was the result of the hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans.

You can learn a lot from this event. First of all, look at the large number of people who failed to leave and waited for the government to rescue them. This was a ideal situation in that the people were warned and had opportunities to leave. Additionally, number of people were forced to relocate by floodwaters. If this had been an economic disaster, EMP or an earthquake, I think more people would have stayed home. Personally I think that the majority of people will not leave due to various problems. Lack of transportation, age, physical condition, traffic accidents, shortages of fuel, drug and alcohol problems, a desire to loot, and a belief that the government will rescue them.
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