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China is on the verge of world takeover

China Central Television CCTV

China, the world strongest economy is on the verge of world takeover and as other countries (27 so far) sign up to use their “Global Bank”, American families suffer as the Dollar falls through the floor!


The USD has always been the global currency but due to the ballooning debt many countries are deciding to trade in Yuan (China’s currency), as their financial position is far stronger than ours.

As our debt continues to rise our dollar becomes weaker and weaker and will eventually drop to it’s true value, 1c on the dollar!

Imagine, overnight, all your assets, everything you own, dropping 1/100th, without warning!

Watch this report now to see how the government has “Stuffed up” once again, putting you and your family at risk of losing everything.

You will also learn what you can do starting right now to protect your assets and even INCREASE your asset portfolio almost overnight!  (Many concerned patriots like yourself have already used these financial tips to secure their future no matter what happens!)

“It’s happening again… But this time, it will be MUCH WORSE that the 2008 financial crisis!” – James Wright.

When the U.S. dollar falls (and it will…) there will be chaos in every American town, including yours.  So after you watch this video you will also learn how to protect yourself and your family with military style self-defense techniques.

This video has been created by James Wright, a military trained self-defense and survival expert.  He is a highly respected U.S. patriot and has trained thousands of men, women and children to become more skillful when placed in a survival situation.  Now it’s your turn to have the knowledge and skills to become the hero!

Watch this video now and GET READY for the next financial collapse, your family may depend on it…




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