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Surviving Underground: Planting Your Own Secret Underground Garden


With the worsening economy, coupled with the changing climate, it is very difficult to keep a family alive. Also, the looming danger of terrorism and the collapse of government, will give anyone a nightmare. I, for one, will not be waiting for the disasters to approach before I prepare my family for the inevitable. With a wife and two kids, I have to plan carefully how the family can sustain itself with or without disaster. An underground garden or an indoor garden is one way to start living off the earth. It can also serve as a small private place if planted with various fast growing indoor trees, maybe Ruby Red Grapefruits? I started mine years ago and by reading gardening books and many trial and error, I found out the advantages and disadvantages of growing such gardens. However, the possibility of feeding my family from my own efforts, and saving a lot of money at the same time, is more than enough to persuade me that the garden is worth pursuing. Here are a few things I did for my garden.

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