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What NOT to Prep – 3 Common Misconceptions


That’s right, I said “what NOT to prep.” If you have made the decision to start preparing, you are experiencing information overload. When I first started to prepare, I was told and read so much advice on what to prep I came to the conclusion that I should just prep everything! Well yes, and no. Questioning information that you read about prepping on the internet – even mine, is a good thing! Incomplete information distracts people who are new to the concept of prepping from focusing on what will save their lives, doing your own research helps fill the gaps of these information holes. These are some common items I have chose not to prep after doing a lot of reading and little testing, you may choose to do differently. I will add more things in future articles. If you have a question on anything I have listed here, disagree with, or think I have forgotten something, feel free to leave a comment. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Always base your preps on common sense, think things through, ask yourself; how will this work in a stressful situation where you will not have the luxury of time?
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