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Self Defense Options: More than Just Guns


Imagine being in the middle of a crowded festival, enjoying your time with your family. All of a sudden, you find yourself near some drunks who start a fight, and you can’t help but separate from your family, and get pulled into the fray. You’re a prepper, and like most preppers, you’re carrying a small firearm, in this case a small pistol. Do you use it?
Some would say yes – it’s time to defend the family, and that’s what a weapon is for, right? Others hold off – bringing deadly force into a relatively small conflict is a certain legal issue and is probably not necessary considering that these people are drunk. That said, this is clearly a self-defense situation. Considering that a gunshot in a crowded public space is one of the fastest ways to start a riot, potentially getting you or your family even more harmed, the balance point for many tends to tip towards leaving your weapon holstered.
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