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Extreme Couponing can be a Valuable Prepper Skill


I know what your thinking! Preppers already have a bad rep in today’s society. Don’t you dare try to group us with those crazy coupon ladies. But hear me out. Let’s think about how extreme couponing can really benefit your budget and your prepper pantry. Maybe you will change your perception of it. Imagine this little story: On my way home I often stop by the grocery store to pick up a few items. Now I live in a suburban area of a very large city. So stopping by the store around the rush hour time frame is often just a little bit crazy. With very little parking open, I have to drive around the lot a few times before finding a place to park. Of course it is on the edge of the lot, so I have to walk a little. Lucky for me it is mid July in Texas and only 96 degrees today.
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