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Bug Out Bike: What You Need To Know To Survive


Should you employ a tough and rugged bug out bike to make a hasty escape to your hidden bug out location? I think you should seriously consider it. Why? Because a bug out bicycle has distinct advantages over both 1) bug out vehicles and 2) plain old walking. In a SHTF scenario, you know that fuel shortages and clogged roads will be a vehicle’s biggest challenge. Add to that a lack of spare parts for your fuel powered bug out vehicles and you’re rolling the dice when TSHTF. But you plan to hike, which avoids the vehicle bug out challenges. But while hiking is more reliable it’s both slow and burdensome. It’s actually the slowest and least efficient way to get from point A to point B (besides maybe crawling). Hiking is the default last resort bug out option. But unless you’re disabled, a bug out bike is often an excellent upgrade.
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