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Slow and Steady Prepping


This time of year everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. The gyms are full of people wanting to get into shape. Coworkers are brainstorming ways to spend less money because the holiday spending has really put a strain on finances. Smokers are vaping or chewing nicotine gum in an effort to quit smoking. The first of a new year is when we resolve to make huge changes in our lives. But does it work? No, it really doesn’t. Go to the gym in mid-February and there are no longer crowds of people there. Check out your coworkers in March and you will see that they are wearing new expensive clothes as Spring fashions come out. Walk by the smoking area and all of the smokers are done with trying to quit. New Year’s Resolutions are tough to keep because they put a lot of pressure on you to change something big in your life.
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