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Five Core Rules to Survive an EMP Attack


In a world where it seems like disaster is looming around every corner, it is tough to know what to expect and prepare for. Preppers are some of the savviest, most informed people out there. They get a bad reputation for being paranoid or are called Doomsdayers or conspiracy theorists. In reality, preppers are aware. They don’t have their heads in the sand. They want to be ready for anything at any time. One of the scenarios preppers should be preparing for, and one I cover extensively in my fictional book ‘Dark Retreat’, is (you guessed it!) an EMP. An electromagnetic pulse is not something you hear about everyday, but you should. An EMP can cripple a country. It can destroy every nation. If an EMP were to strike in the U.S., it would not only disrupt the country, but the entire world would feel the ripple effects.
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