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What to do When Everything Goes Wrong after SHTF!

Man in gas mask and camouflage holding gun. Disaster concept

The shit just hit the fan, and everything is going wrong! What the hell do you do now? Here’s the thing, guys. When we write these articles for you, they are all predicated on everything going smoothly. But that’s not reality is it? Reality is things will go wrong. Plan for the unexpected, that’s what I always say. It absolutely blows my mind how many of us are so diluted that we refuse to accept that things will go wrong, and all of our perfected planning will go right out the window. With this in mind we will review general preparedness for the unexpected, and how to be prepared for specific happenings. The one thing I hope you take away from this article is chaos will not be linear, and no amount of planning can prepare you for every possibility.
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