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How To Survive Occupied America

Barbed wire against the cloudy sky background.

Ready Nutrition Readers, this is the follow-up article for The 6 Rules for Survival article, and the “kickoff” article for a two-part series. I was born free, and I will die free, in whatever manner comes about. In life, sometimes we have to take chances, and keep this in mind: all of us (whether readers or authors) will eventually be labeled as “undesirables” given time. No matter! You need the information, and that is where this website comes in. I take the liberty to take a moment to speak a word of praise for my editor, boss, and owner of this site, Miss Tess Pennington, a fantastic woman not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She took a stand by creating such a venue where you, the Readers can come and glean valuable information that can enable you to thrive in challenging times and make a difference.
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