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Scavenging or Looting. Which is it?


No matter how well you prepare, nor how much you stock up, in a long-term SHTF or even TEOTWAWKI, you are going to start running out of necessities. But a lot of those necessities still exist, and a lot of it will be near you. Any discussion of Scavenging vs. Looting is going to be predicated on moral points of view. There are some people whose emergency preparation plans consist of stocking up on weapons with the intent of simply taking by force what they want or need. If you are one of those, I got a news flash for ya cowboy. In a long-term serious situation, you will be dead within a week or two. You may survive for a while off of those who didn’t prep, including arming themselves. But serious preppers, at least in those areas where they can, arm themselves and train to use those arms. Then of course, there are the others like you. They will want to eliminate you as competition. Attacking other armed people in an attempt to take their necessities is not conducive to long lifespan.
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