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The Bicycle In SHTF


Many people, including myself, have dismissed the bicycle as a viable form of bug out transportation in the past. But I started thinking about expanding my capabilities to be mobile if I had to bug out in my 4WD Jeep and I needed to extend my fuel use, or as a backup if my jeep were inoperable. So what are some of the circumstances where a bicycle might be a useful addition to your SHTF preps? You are in an urban area and bugging out is not immediately feasible: A bike would allow you to get around without the need to use limited fuel. This would be especially useful in riding out a martial law situation. In addition, a bicycle would not look out of the ordinary as many people would be using them. Having one in your vehicle or stashed at work would get you home much quicker than walking. Your normal bug out vehicle is inoperable do to breakdown, lack of fuel, or wont run because of an EMP: A folding mountain bike would give you the capability of continuing to be much more mobile than being on foot.
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