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Goats: The Perfect Backyard Animal


Goats have been called the perfect backyard animal. Why’s that? It has to do with a lot of things: their adaptability, their ease of care, and even their intelligence. Many backyard farmers love raising goats, but they’re not quite for everyone. Here’s a brief overview of some of the high and low points of raising goats. One of the best things about keeping goats is how adaptable they are. They can deal with just about any temperature range and eat a wide variety of food. As long as they have a three sided shed to stay out of winter winds and some grain and hay to supplement their browsing they stay pretty happy. In return, a female can provide you with up to a gallon of milk a day. This milk is delicious and easy to digest. In fact, people who have trouble digesting cow milk have reported that they have no trouble with goat milk. Your goats can also be used for meat, giving you several very tasty meals and a hide that can be used for rugs or other uses.
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