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Why Preppers Should Focus on Diversifying Firearm Calibers

Number of large-caliber ammunition of different caliber in one line on a dark textural wooden background. Studio shot.

Ready Nutrition Readers, as you may have deduced from the title, this piece is a recommendation to acquire firearms of diverse calibers. Let us discuss some of the calibers and the reasons why it is prudent to prepare in such a manner. I’m not recommending any particular firearm, per se, except in one instance here that I’ll cover later for a reason that will be self-explanatory. Firstly, forget about what will happen in the SHTF event. Whatever it is, the reason for preparing by obtaining diversities among firearms calibers is to ensure you can obtain ammo for it. This is not detracting from reloading whatsoever. I guarantee, however, that situations will arise in which you have to load a firearm and don’t have time to sit around with your RCBS “Rock Chucker” press or your Lee Handloader. You have a need to employ a firearm at the moment, and time is of the essence.
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