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The Changing Face of the Prepper Movement and Preparedness


Interestingly most group think movements and fads morph from some original concept to something else, as the paradigm matures or disintegrates. And it seems quite evident to me, that what many would call the prepper movement, is maturing and it is observable. For a long while prepper’s have been stereotyped as fat guys hoarding beans and bullets, and some of that was true based on what seemed to be the common perception and more or less reality of the concept of prepping. But certainly not all. A lot of focus was on gathering stores of food and all manner of supplies to be assured you and your family could endure whatever impending crisis would come our way. And, of course, all manner of weapons, munitions, and militaristic methods and mechanisms were considered as necessities and absolutes. So the public view was, and still is to some degree, of mindless paranoids bent on some form of doom and gloom or apocalyptic outcome. Has anything changed in the overall concepts and realities or dynamics of the current prepper thinking? I think it has, and is in constant motion. So let’s analyze that concept a bit further.
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