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The Cost of Not Prepping


We know a a few families who do not keep much food in the fridge – maybe a bottle of orange juice and a few bottles of beer. The kids feel lucky to have a few frozen food entrees, otherwise they eat out for every meal. The next time there is an emergency, these people expect to be able to run to the corner restaurant and demand to order. A cousin who runs a burger place says this happens all the time. If the restaurant loses power they have to close temporarily and turn away customers. The customers get frustrated they have to find someplace else to eat. So they drive around town looking for a place that’s open. Now they are wasting gas and time, not to mention risking their families driving out when streets are flooded. And, finding that there is no food to be bought anywhere, just like what happened with Hurricane Sandy, these same people may be forced to go dumpster diving.
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