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How To Make Butter And Why You Should Know How


I am a vegetarian, and try to eat a plant-based diet whenever possible. I choose to eat this way mostly because of health and financial reasons. When you eat a plant-based diet you actually eat a larger variety of food than most people. Also, meat and dairy products are hard to digest and can lead to health problems. Notice, I said “can”. That’s different than saying that they do lead to health problems. The thing is that the grain-fed animal products that are on the shelf at your local box store are not good for you. These stores contain some very “bad” choices, and then there are some “not so bad” choices, but they are all not “good” choices. These products are no longer in their natural state, which undoubtedly contributes to their unhealthiness. Here for this post I’m talking about dairy, meat, and egg products. I won’t even start to list grains and other processed box items, that’s the subject of another post.
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