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Surviving Anarchy: Strategies to Avoid Dying at the Hands of the Mob

Student protesters target a police van during a demonstration against an increase in university tuition fees, in Westminster, central London= Wednesday Nov. 24, 2010. Several thousand British students protested Wednesday against government plans to triple tuition fees, two weeks after a similar demonstration sparked a small riot.  (AP Photo/Anthony Devlin/PA) UNITED KINGDOM OUT NO SALES NO ARCHIVE

One of the scenarios we prepare for is the complete absence of any form of government, or at least the local governments we rely on to keep things quasi-normal. When the chaos is too great or the resources are overwhelmed due to illness, panic or scale of the issue, the systems we rely on now for support in bad times can disappear. Hospitals can become overcrowded and stop accepting patients. Police departments can be overwhelmed if crime is reported in too many areas or riots are taking the bulk of their staff. Fire Departments can be rendered obsolete if the water stops flowing or there are simply too many fires to put out.
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