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Harvesting Wild Birds for Food after the SHTF


In the not-so-rural area where I live (in Massachusetts), we have ducks, geese, and wild turkeys wandering about town. Sometimes I have to stop my car, to let a few wild turkeys cross the road. And the local park is often filled with geese, as if it were a geese version of Coachella. Then, too, we have the usual assortment of small birds, including noisy crows that seem to be everywhere. After the SHTF, some of these wild birds might be harvested for food. But it’s not so simple as it might seem. First, there are a plethora of laws governing hunting birds, which vary from State to State, and from place to place within a State, and from time to time within any year. For example, in MA, crows may only be hunted on Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays, and then only during the open season for crows. Other, more desirable birds have greater restrictions.
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