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What’s All This Be Prepared For The Unexpected Warning?

White sandbags for flood defense and brown water

Do you sometimes ask yourself this: “what’s all this be prepared for the unexpected” warning? Well, the only way I can explain why I feel it’s a warning is because if you look around the world, stuff, good and bad things are happening everywhere, but it seems like we tend to hear more of the bad stuff. It could be a flood, a severe ice storm, or a car wreck that disrupts traffic for hours. If could be a tornado, hurricane, an out of control fire, severe winds, a tsunami, or a power outage. I have read a number statements about current events in different forums and I remember seeing a young mother, say, “I’ve been told to be prepared for 10 years and nothing has happened where I live.” She is one of the lucky ones. I have lived in a few cities and something has happened in every city during my stay there, excessive winds, flooding, tornadoes, ice storms and more, and I learned how to fill sandbags very quickly. I’ve seen homes demolished before my eyes and there wasn’t anything anyone could do, except stay away and go to safe higher ground.
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