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How To Maintain Your Home Or Rental

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I’m sharing a few tips on how to maintain your home or rental today. Most of these are quite common, but sometimes a little reminder helps us all. Mark changes the 9-volt batteries every January in the smoke alarms so we are safe and secure. This year he forgot to change the battery in the carbon monoxide detector in the hallway. I’m sure you’ve been there when you hear that beeping and you’re trying to guess which smoke alarm is the “ONE” that is causing us to run around and check all of them! Well, I walk down the hall and I instantly see the carbon monoxide detector has ERR in red lettering. Here’s the deal with most carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, they need to be replaced every five years, according to the statement on the back of the ones we have. Good, grief, the carbon monoxide was way overdue to be replaced. So, I went to Amazon and ordered one because I don’t like driving ten miles to go the store to purchase one. This is the one I just ordered: Kidde KN-COPP-3 Nighthawk Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup
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