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Survival Skills: 3 Ways to Make Survival Bread (Without an Oven)


The coals of your camp fire can bake up some tasty bread (if you have the secret ingredient to make your dough). When I started experimenting with camp breads years ago, I turned to old outdoor texts to find the recipes for bannock, damper, hard tack and every other kind of camp bread and trail biscuits you’ve heard about. The recipes themselves were simple enough: some flour here, some lard there, maybe some baking powder in more modern incarnations of this ancient, oven-free bread. But those simple ingredients didn’t leave much room for error, and usually yielded something closer to ceramics than biscuits. I finally stumbled upon the “only add water” complete pancake mix for camp bread, and I’ve never turned back. Next time you’re out there, try these simple techniques to make camp bread.
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