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15 Paper Products You Need To Store For Survival


Here are 15 paper products you need to store for survival, please start with a few and add more as your budget allows. This is the minimum number of items we will need but let’s talk about these today. I have been thinking about what’s going on in the world, and I feel very strongly that we need to stockpile a few of these items. I remember teaching an emergency preparedness class in Salt Lake City, Utah and one of the class members mentioned she felt like I was hoarding stuff. We were talking about storing toilet paper and paper products that could be used after a disaster. I wasn’t offended and I got the giggles because probably in her eyes I am a hoarder. But I’m not a hoarder of junk only necessities I use every day. I do not like running to the store to buy toilet paper. Oh my gosh, I have to tell you this story, I was at a local store a few weeks ago and I saw this woman carrying a package of toilet paper with four rolls in it. Oh my goodness, that wouldn’t last a week at my house.
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