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How To Make Your Own Emergency Car Kit

Set consisting of a wheel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle, jack, canister, wrench

I just had to write this post today about how to make your own emergency car kit. My two daughters and one son-in-law had driven up to Park City, Utah for a quick visit with friends a few days ago. The weather was beautiful with the sun shining on their way up Parley’s Canyon, one of the main east/west routes through Utah on I-80. Here’s the deal about this particular northern Utah canyon, it can be brutal in the winter with ice and layers of frozen snow. At times, cars and trucks slip and slide going up the canyon if they don’t have snow tires, tire chains or 4-wheel drive as the local agencies try to keep the road clear during snow storms. Of course, those that are prepared with tires, chains or 4-wheel drive are sometimes dodging those cars that have trouble driving in severe snowstorms. If you are driving down the canyon it doesn’t matter what your car is equipped with, it can sometimes be an ice skating rink with cars sliding everywhere. Once you start to slide, your breaks will not work if it’s really icy. Most of us who drive in bad weather know we need gear down and slow down, but sometimes there is no way to slow down once the sliding starts. I call it white knuckle driving. Mark has no fear driving in the worst of the worst weather.
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