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Make A DIY Emergency Toilet That Is Sturdy


Yes, you make a DIY emergency toilet that is sturdy! You can actually sit on it and use it much like you would a regular toilet. I have shared my other emergency toilets comparing the 5-gallon buckets to the 6-gallon buckets. Here’s the deal, the 5-gallon buckets are way too short for most people. I recommend at least a 6-gallon bucket because the height is about three inches taller which makes all the difference in the world when you need to squat on the toilet. Now, I have shared several styles of DIY emergency toilets as I do additional posts on the subject, but today, this one will rock the world, literally! When I saw this new DIY toilet it was a cartwheel moment for me. We had some nieces and nephews over for a visit, and my nephew, Dane R. introduced me to this new version which he made with this new and improved style. He said to me, “Linda, I’m a big guy and that plastic toilet with the green lid I’ve seen on your posts may tip over, and I’m afraid my grandkids will topple over when getting on and off.” He said, “Let me show you the one I designed.” I love this guy! So here we go. All you need is some scrap wood and you can make one. If you know someone with the necessary tools you can pay them to make one. This is for sure one you will want at your home or on a camping trip.
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