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40+ Uses for Baking Soda and Why You Should Stockpile It


When I need to clean my home, my first reaction is not to reach for the store bought cleaner if I can make one at home that does the same job less expensively and probably without the hit to our health. Baking soda is my go-to cleaner for just about everything. Put together with the powerhouse that is vinegar (you can check all the ways I use it at home here), and you rarely need much more! Part of my preparedness strategy is to make sure I have what I need, in case there is a chance that I can’t get out to buy it. I prefer to focus on my basics that can do multiple things, rather than many things that only can accomplish one task. So I keep a few large bags of baking soda handy in my stockpile at all times. Not only is it good for baking and cooking, but so much more can be done with it around the house!
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