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15 Priorities You Need to Follow In the Event of a Nuclear War

Nuclear warning sign

One of the most important characteristics of survivalists, preppers, and their ilk is the ability to concede that no matter how improbable it may be for a situation to arise, it is still possible. With the current state of affairs of the world being the way they are, there is nothing in the news that can truly dissuade a prepper from this concept. That being said, what if a nuclear war occurs? No, really: what will you do, and what actions will you take when it begins? We have covered the topic of preparedness for a nuclear war before, but we have not discussed immediate actions to take within the first hours that such a nightmare becomes a reality. First, let us mention again Cresson Kearney’s work “Nuclear War Survival Skills,” and downloadable from the internet. It is the end-all, be-all for information on preparedness for a nuclear war.
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