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7 Surprising Prepping Statistics: Beyond the Numbers


Prepping statistics are almost always surprising, but a few on this list may cause you to do a double take. Unbelievable stats can be harrowing and frustrating, but they can also motivate logical people to be even more prepared. Before we get too far into the discussion, I’ll go ahead and admit it; I’m a data nerd. If you haven’t gathered that fact by seeing me crunch the probabilities, impacts, and tangible risks into our TrueRisk index- then you haven’t been paying attention. Numbers and statistics can provide very clear pictures of what is going on in the world. Prepping statistics are particularly useful for convincing others how important being prepared actually is. Sometimes stats can catch even a seasoned prepper off guard with shocking evidence of the importance of preparedness. I’ve grabbed the prepping statistics that have caught my eye over the years and share them below. Feel free to share with any ‘naysayers’ who feel that a prepping lifestyle simply isn’t important.
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