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Every Prepper Should Have Multiple Bug-Out Bags. Here’s Why


ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, we have covered the “Go” Bag, aka the “Bugout” Bag on numerous occasions. We’re going to cover three areas: Duplication, Synchronization, and Maintenance. This is to promote efficiency, and also to allow for recovery and use if one of the bags or more is compromised. Let’s get started. The word for the day is Redundancy. This word is usually something that connotates a “boring” or “mindless” repetition, almost in a drone-like fashion. In this case, that definition does not suffice. Redundancy in our usage is the repetition to promote a good follow-through in the event of seizure/theft of your goods so that you have a backup plan and can continue to march. You want to put together as many bags as are in as many locales as you frequent in the course of the day. Here are some locations, for starters:
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