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Understanding & Treating the Plague


In the Middle Ages, the Plague, known as the “Black Death” killed between 75 – 200 million people, spreading via rat fleas on merchant ships, and significantly reducing the global population. Recently, the Plague has made a resurgence in the east African island nation of Madagascar. The Plague is a bacterial infection that occurs in three forms: Bubonic, Pneumonic, and Septicemic. The most common form is the Bubonic Plague, which is spread through the bites of fleas. The fleas regurgitate infected blood from other people or animals into the bite, which infects the new host. The second most common form is Pneumonic Plague, which is spread through airborne droplets from coughs or sneezes from infected individuals. Finally, the rarest form is Septicemic Plague and results if a Plague infection spreads to the bloodstream.
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