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What’s the best lighting option for preppers?


This week, we’ll carry on with ways to light the darkness, prepper style. We’ll begin by taking a further look at the mantle-style kerosene or gasoline lamps we discussed last week. As I said, the McLene compound is awash in kerosene. A quick trip to our local oil distributor could easily see me coming home with a drum-full. Now to be fair, I don’t usually buy that much at any one time. We generally get an extra gallon or two on occasional shopping trips to town. We’ve found a standard-wick lamp can run on a gallon of kerosene for over 25 days, eight hours per day. An Aladdin-style lamp works with kerosene as well, and can usually provide pretty good light for 12 hours on a quart of fuel. For a good comparison of oil, kerosene and white gas lamps and lanterns, check out this YouTube video.
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